July 17, 2024

Get Your Emails Opened

Good Morning  

76 of every 100 emails are immediately trashed and never read!That’s 55 TRILLION unopened emails per year worldwide! Your emails are part of that group.

Most people spend time working on their email message, making sure it’s clear and perfect. But when it comes to the subject line, it’s either the first or last thing people write and in most cases it’s the first idea that pops into the writer’s brain that relates to the email’s message. This (usually boring) subject line is then typed into the space and sent. Results: most likely the email is trashed before it’s opened unless it’s from someone important that must be read.

For an email to get opened, it must have a provocative and relevant subject line. 

The two most important parts of an email are the from line (the sender) and the subject line and preheader. In the subject line and preheader you have maybe 10-15 words to grab your readers and make them click on it.
Think of your subject line as a teaser on the outside of a direct mail envelope that grabs your attention or the headline on a news story or ad.
Examine your emails and put yourself in the place of the receiver.  Would you really open it if you did not care about the sender? On your next email try grabbing the attention of the reader instead of just plugging in a boring subject line. 

The only effective emails are those that get opened. If the email does not get opened, all the work that went into it is for naught.

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Philip Freedman

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