July 23, 2024

Hyper-Interested Customers

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Hyper-interested customers are customers who, as the name implies, are very interested in anything and everything you have to offer and in most cases will also buy almost everything you have to offer. In other words, your very very best customers.
These are the customers that you absolutely want more of. Who wouldn’t want more! But how do you get them? That is what everyone wants to know.
By answering the following three questions, you will be able to start the process of getting them into your business and having them become your customers.
  1. Where are my hyper-interested customers?
  2. Who has them or a conduit to them?
  3. How can I reach them without having to find them one by one, in a large population of only mildly interested or uninterested, like hunting needles in a haystack?

Warning: This is not an easy undertaking, but it is a very profitable one that will take some time to complete. If you want some help, my “Quick Start to Jump Start Your Business” is made just for you.

When you get to the point that you need and want help, let me know and we can help you accomplish this profitable undertaking very quickly.

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Dr. Philip Freedman C.A.R.E.

Philip Freedman

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