July 17, 2024


Good Day
Mavens! You want lots of mavens!
Mavens is the term I and others use to describe the people who refer customers to you. These are not people who would refer one or maybe two customers to you. Mavens are people who will refer lots of people to you all the time. One or two or more a month, month after month. These people really help your business grow.
A maven can be a real estate agent who funnels leads to a mortgage broker or a dentist who recommends an orthodontist to patients, you get the idea.  What you and every other business need to do is figure out who your mavens are and then convince them to refer business to you. I will warn you that it is easier said than done, unless you develop a plan with the proper budget and then track, implement and stick with it.
It might take six months to a year to really get a good maven referral program working, but it’s worth it for the business it brings in.
If you need help figuring out who your mavens are and how to approach them, call me.
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 Philip Freedman
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