July 17, 2024

Direct Mail Is A Waste!

Good Day
I was going to write about how you can build your email list by using lead magnets, but when I picked up my mail, I got a letter from a warehouse club owned by a big box retailer. This letter was addressed to my old frozen margarita rental business, which was closed down 4 or 5 years ago!
I will say that they will give me a free upgrade in membership ($55 savings) and a free $25 gift card when I join, but I have to do it before April 2. Hey, at least they have a call to action and offer a guarantee.
Unfortunately, they wasted money by printing and mailing this letter to a business that no longer exists, thereby lowering their response and redemption rates. They spent maybe about $.30 per letter including postage. Now, let’s say they sent out a few million letters and that maybe 10% of the address/business were bad, say about 300,000. At $.30 per letter that would equal $90,000 wasted right off the bat.
That also means that they lost about 3,000 memberships (1% of 300,000 is 3,000). Now when I had a membership it was $70.00 per year which is a loss of $210,000 not including purchases. Total losses so far are $300,000 on this one mailing!
By using an old out-of-date list and not keeping your in-house customer list up to date, you will be wasting money, lowering your response rate and proving direct mail does not work. As Bob Newhart used to say, “Stop it!”
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Dr. Philip Freedman C.A.R.E.

Philip Freedman

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