July 17, 2024

Facebook Cuts Your Reach

Good Day
Last week I wrote about how you have to have more than one way to promote your business. I even gave examples of what happened when a method went away. To everyone who mainly use Facebook to promote your business, Guess What?
Facebook changed their algorithms again! SocialFlow conducted a study over the last 5 months (starting in February) and found that publishing and other media companies (they looked at more than 3,000 of them) are seeing a 42% drop in reach per Facebook post.
What this means is that people (friends) are missing out on 42% of those companies’ posts. Your business could be affected as well, a little less than half your post could not be reaching your target audience! WOW!
What can you do? If you depend on Facebook for promoting your business, you might want to do some experimentation with the types of content (video, live video, images, text), maybe the frequency of your posts as well. Also you might want to use other media, and I don’t mean just the Internet. Remember when Google changed how they ranked pages?
There is always direct mail!
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 Philip Freedman