July 15, 2024

Multi Tasking Media Why You Should Do it

I will be in Chicago April 27 – May 2 for Dan Kennedy’s Super Conference, learning new, effective ways to market your business so that you will get a great ROI!

A lot of small businesses use one, maybe two, mediums to market their products and/or services. This could be very dangerous for them. Let me use an example from the past to show this. Remember when it seemed that every business called you just as you sat down for dinner? Now we have “Do Not Call,” and dinnertime calls have dropped to surveys and non-profits. Those businesses had to quickly find a new way to market their business or go out of business. The same thing happened to businesses that used faxing as their main marketing method.

A lot of businesses use networking and personal contact as their marketing, but what would happen if you could not network for a while? What would happen to your business?

You need multiple methods of marketing your business so that when – not if – one stops working, you have others that are still bringing in customers.

Dan Kennedy once said “it’s easier to get one customer from 100 different mediums than 100 customer from one.”

How many different mediums are you using, and can you add more?

If you need help developing more methods, just call me at 817-282-0443 or visit my web site at www.freedcom.com