July 17, 2024

Numbers you can use to plan your marketing

Good Morning

I’m back from a few days off. We (Belia and myself) spent a day and half driving to Carlsbad, NM, to see the Caverns. We took the elevator down 750 feet, had lunch and walked around the cavern. It was great, and then we drove home.

 We stayed overnight in Pecos (home of Judge Roy Bean and his saloon), Carlsbad (nothing really to do there) and Big Spring. That’s what I did during my summer vacation.

 Here are some numbers you should keep in mind when you’re planning your marketing. Remember: We are at the halfway point in the year; now’s the time to get going.

 From Direct Marketing Association 2011 Statistical Fact Book;

$504.5 billion in sales driven by non-catalog direct mail in 2011.

Combined, the various Internet channels drove $639 billion in sales.

The breakdown – $309.7 search, $168.1 display, $66.2 other, $63.1 email, $31.9 social.

Google is pushing their services through the use of direct mail. (I got multiple mailings from them.) So I thought I would share some interesting numbers as compiled by Andrew Shafer of Inc. Magazine MDG Advertising: Search Engine Land

How often consumers use Google to find local businesses:

24% never

17% a few times a year

12% once a month

16% two or three times a month

17% every week

14% almost every day

 The sections of a local business’s website that consumers find valuable:

List of prices: 65%

List of services: 55%

Contact information: 43%

The physical address: 42%

Driving directions: 24%

Customer testimonials: 17%

Photographs of the business: 15%

Links to the company’s social media profiles: 5%

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 That’s all for now!

 Till next week – Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action


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