February 24, 2024

New Tricks

Good Morning Last week I went to the Northeast Tarrant Chamber monthly luncheon. An old friend and coach was speaking, whom I hadn't seen in over three years. Christa Trantham was presenting "Hitting Your Business Bullseye by Mastering Business Basics." I had heard the presentation many times, … [Read more...]

CEO Roundtable Forming

Good Morning,Did you ever want to tell someone about what you are facing every day, the good and the bad? We all have. Who do you talk to who will understand and maybe offer some good advice? Family, they might listen and give you well meaning advice, but... Friends, they don't really understand and … [Read more...]

I’m Done

Good Morning  I'm done! I just finished attending a 2-day mastermind meeting from the coaching group I'm part of. If you do not have a coach or a mastermind group, you are missing a big asset to your business. A good coach can help you build and run your business to its best advantage. A … [Read more...]

Why I Do It – Masterminds and Conferences

Good Morning I just got back from a three-day Mastermind meeting. This coaching program meets three time a year and we have a conference call each month. I also go to at least three marketing conferences a year and am a member of another Mastermind group that meets for an afternoon once a … [Read more...]

One Big Mastermind Meeting

Good Morning  Let me first off apologize for any misspelling or grammar mistakes. I am at the GKIC Super Conference in Orlando and Belia is not with me to correct all my mistakes.  As I said I'm at the GKIC Super Conference which is about new marketing and money making ideas. This is the place to … [Read more...]