May 10, 2021

Referrals, Why you want them and how to get them

Good Morning Each month I conduct a free mini seminar on marketing your business. More about this month's at the end of this tip. The last seminar's subject was on 10 ways to increase your referrals by 10 per month. This week I will cover a few of the 10 ways to increase referrals. But first … [Read more...]

My Marketing Group – Date Change

TAKE NOTICE - DATE CHANGE TO JULY 2nd. YOU NEED TO ATTEND the next meeting of "My Marketing Group." We'll meet JULY 2nd. Bring someone with you.  The topic will be 10 Ways to Increase Your Referrals By 10 Per Month Guaranteed! The meeting is at Panera Bread, 1804 Precinct Line Rd., Hurst from … [Read more...]

It’s Almost Half Time, How’s It Going?

 I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and that you took time out to remember what the day was all about. My friend Tyler Brown, owner of Fusion Under Glass Catering, really understood the meaning. Ask him how he got the blister and it wasn't by cooking food, maybe he was … [Read more...]