July 18, 2024

Tweak It

Good Day
I’m having problems with one of the toilets in my home. I think there is stoppage in the pipe. I tried the plunger and it seemed to work a bit better. This morning it was not, so I tried the plunger a different way and it seems at this time to be flowing again. We’ll see; I might have to try something else before we have to call a plumber.
So, what do my plumbing problems have to do with promoting your business?
A lot. You see I had to tweak my method of plunging the toilet to get it fixed. When we first market, promote or advertise our business, most of the time we have to tweak or adjust our message, or who we send it to or even the media we use to get a better response. In fact, knowledgeable business people know that the first time they send their message out, it will be mostly to fix the problems.
Successful businesses will do a test, review the results, make adjustments and retest until they get the best response and then roll out the promotion big time.
Next time you promote your business and don’t get the response you expect (within reason), don’t abandon your marketing effort; try changing one item at a time until you do get a better response.
Until next week,
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Dr. Philip Freedman C.A.R.E.

Philip Freedman

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