July 15, 2024

We Need To Ask Questions

If you really want to find out how little you know about a given subject, just hang out with the real experts. I just spent 3 days with Stephen Beck  at his Texas Marketing Roundup. He brought in Paul Evans (who is a great and funny speaker; get his book “Instant Speaking Success,” Achievement Press) and Paul Counts to educate us on Internet marketing. How to build your list other than PPC. How to promote your product/service. How to automate the whole process so you can have the life you want. 

Sunday night I just crashed!

In order to be successful, businesses need to know what services/products their clients need or want and then supply it. The best way to learn what that is, is to ask.

 With that said, let me ask you two questions:

 1) If you could solve one business problem, what would it be?

2) If you could ask a great marketing expert one question, what would it be?

Please respond with your answer