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Archives for October 2013

Special Halloween Marketing Tip

Check out this special tip :    click here I hope that you enjoy it and come on back for next weeks tip Phil     … [Read more...]

New Years Resolution Will Be Too Late, You Must Start Now!

I had a short talk with someone I hope will be a new client and who wants to get together in early January to do some marketing for their business. Great! But then I told them that they may see the results maybe early March but more likely April or May. What? How can that be?  We have our first … [Read more...]

It comes out of my pocket if I’m not perfect, But….

Hi; I have to be perfect! Yes, I know how that sounds, so let me explain. When I get a list for a client, I have to make sure that what they need is correct and they get the correct list. Next I have to make sure that the mail piece has all the proper items on it so it gets delivered at the … [Read more...]

Your customer only want one so why waste the money?

 It happens every few weeks. This time I got three pieces of mail from Printing For Less, a printing and direct mailing company (like what I do, but without the marketing help). Inside the mailing they offered a $250 gift. Now one piece is addressed to me, Phil Freedman, owner, Freedman Co. The … [Read more...]

You want to go whale hunting !

Good Morning Hunting for whales using dog whistles? What? I'm mixing metaphors or will be. Let me explain. A whale, to use the Las Vegas term, is a big spender. This person is one of your top customers. How would you like to have most of your customers buy like your top ones? It's possible. … [Read more...]

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