July 18, 2024

Get Cheap Money

Good Morning
I got a letter in the mail a few days ago asking me to come back. I was a customer of a service we used at home and discontinued a few years ago. They offered us a very low price for the first 12 months of service. They will also give us a $100 VISA gift card. Wow!
Then I got a post card in the mail at the office addressed to the frozen drink business I had a number of years ago. I used this company’s service even longer ago.
They want me back, and they will even give me $200 off my next ad.
front side
address side
 If you have past customers, even from many years ago, you should contact them. Offer them a reason to come back and they just might.
Getting them back is almost like getting free money. If you can keep them coming back, that’s even more money.
By the way, the post card above can be improved upon. As a marketer what would you add to make this card better? Email me at Phil@TheFreedmanCompany.com with your suggestions.
I now offer a program that will make your past customers current customers again. Email me at phil@TheFreedmanCompany.com about PCAS (Past Customer Activation System) to discover how big your gold mine is.
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 Philip Freedman
Doctor of Customer Retention