July 23, 2024

How you Get Customers

Good Day
Do you want 100 customers from one method of promoting your business or do you want 1 customer each from 100 different methods?
Think about the answer a moment while I tell you a story.
Years ago, one of the best methods to get new business was to call people from around 5 pm till about 8 pm weekdays and sell them all kinds of good and services. Telemarketing worked very well for a long time. A lot of businesses made quite a bit of money using outbound telemarketing, but then “Do Not Call” became law and that industry was almost destroyed. Businesses that based most of their business on telemarketing were lost.
I also remember when lots of businesses did faxing. Again, they were stopped. Cold emailing, pay-for-click, and some other forms of internet marketing are not working as well as they once did.
What does this all mean? You should not depend on one or even two methods to promote your business. The methods that you use to promote your business are the pillars that hold up your business. The more methods, the more pillars, the stronger your business.
A mentor of mine has said that it is better to get one customer from a hundred methods than 100 customers from one method.
How many methods are you using? And do you really think it’s enough, especially if some suddenly disappear or become ineffective?
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 Philip Freedman
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