July 18, 2024

Lead Magnets Which One?

Good Day
Like everyone else, I need to keep my marketing funnel full. I do this through the use of lead magnets. Lead magnets are things I give away to people in order to get their name, company name and email or physical address (if I’m sending something to them through the mail).
Currently, I am targeting small businesses that cater to consumers/the public and have sales from $50,000 to $500,000. This group includes home based as well as brick-and-mortar businesses.
I’m planning on offering a marketing package that will help them retain their current customers as well as bring back past customers into their businesses. As of right now, the package includes Facebook posts, email blasts, local listing updating service, monthly postcard they can print and mail, an easy-to-use customer relationship management software  and a special bonus item all for one low monthly fee. Additional services might include Google Adwords and some others services I’m still looking into.
I plan on offering the following through networking: Facebook/LinkedIn posts, public speaking and other methods in exchange for their name, company and email address; either a checklist of the ten most important elements of any good marketing piece (online or off) or a PDF of over 250 words to include; the top 6 words you need to include in all your copy, the 14 most powerful words in the English language, 230 sensory based words including visual, auditory, kinesthetic and auditory digital words that should be used in your copy if you really want to connect with your audience.
You know who I’m going after, so I have two questions: First, which do you think they would want? And second, which do you want?
Email your answer and when I finish the offers, I’ll send the one you want.
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