July 22, 2024

The Other Side of Name Tags

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Two weeks ago (April 12, 2018) I wrote about my friend and what he thought about name tags at networking events. He does not like name tags because he thinks that people use them to qualify or eliminate people before even interacting with the wearer.
I got a call from my friend and business owner Andy Anderson of Kudos Clown and Magic of Hurst Texas, He told me his take on name tags. I need to tell you that besides clown and magic supplies he is also an image engraver and makes personalized name tags.
He told me about his customers who like name tags. They say wearing one helps break the ice for people to come up to them and start a conversation.
Personally, I’ve tried it many ways. With a flashing name tag I’ve had people ask me how much it cost and can they get one, etc., but very little about my business. When not wearing any tag I have to work a bit harder and I have to start most conversations. I did get more people talking to me when I was wearing my white lab coat with my doctor name tag and stethoscope and handing out prescription pill bottles filled with “special” stress pills.
What is your take on this subject, name tag or no name tag?
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