July 17, 2024

What you can learn watching commercials

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I was home early the other day. My back was still hurting and I was lying down watching the early local news. During the first commercial break the first ad up was for a very well known electrical company now advertising their new plumbing service. Near the end of the break the commercial was repeated. I thought, OK, scheduling had to make good on a bad spot and owed them another commercial, so they ran it in the same break to get it done and over with.
Well during the next break they did the same thing: first and last spots. Then they ran the same commercial the same way during the third break.
Why would this well known electrical/plumbing company with a fleet of trucks that they have to keep busy spend all this money? To keep their fleet of trucks busy! They know that one of the ways to reach their target marketing is through local television because it can reach the whole Dallas/Fort Worth area at one time. Why do they run double commercials within the same break? Let me answer that with this question: What do you do during the commercial breaks? You get up during the first commercial so you see and hear part of that one and then you come back during the last one, during which you see and hear part of that one. You see my commercial!
I should tell you they run their commercial during the morning news shows also and place them the same way.
How does this affect you and your business? That electrical company understands their target market, what media their market is using and their viewing habits. The company then figured out how to make sure their message get to their target.
The question to you is this: Do you really know your target market, how to reach them and make sure they are receiving your message?
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