July 18, 2024

It Didn’t Work, NOW What?

You have spent your hard-earned money on a marketing campaign and you got very few results or no results.

You’re mad, you wasted your money and will never try that media or any marketing again, right?

Once you calm down, you need to see what went wrong. Think of marketing your business like learning to drive a car. Remember back to when you were learning to drive. What was that first time behind the wheel like? Very likely it was not the greatest time you had; in most cases it was pretty bad for you, and just consider how the person sitting next to you felt.

Well you made lots of mistakes and maybe even came close to killing yourself and your passenger (it least according to them), but with lots of practice and figuring out what you did wrong and correcting your mistakes, you now can drive, talk on your phone (hands-free of course), eat lunch, play with the CD, radio, iPod, talk with your passengers and who knows what else and still get where you need to be in one piece. Some days you don’t even remember how you got to where you had to go.

Marketing is just like that. In the beginning we make every mistake there is. Sometimes we send the wrong message or use the wrong media. Sometime it’s the wrong list, and it can also be a combination of the three.

When things go wrong and you get little or no response, you need to look at what you did and how to correct it for the next time. It’s just like learning to drive. If you do nothing, and learn nothing, then you did waste your money. Use the experience as an education. How much are you willing to pay for a great education?

Now is the time to shortcut your education and jump ahead of the class. I have a couple of openings left for monthly marketing consulting, so do not procrastinate; email me now at tfc@freedcom.com, or call 817-282-0443.

Remember – Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action


The Freedman Co.


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