July 18, 2024

No Virus, Ransomware This Way

Good Day 
Not using a Mac!
Viruses, Malware, Ransomware have all been in the news prominently in the past few weeks. We have been warned not to open emails with attachments from people we don’t know. Don’t click on links from emails we’re not sure about or even from people we know. Watch where you go on the web and watch what you click on. Keep your browser up to date, as well as your anti-virus software. WOW! You’re almost afraid to use the Internet.
So if you’re skeptical of using the net, just think about your customers. Are they feeling the same way? If they are, how are you going to get your message out to them? But you’re an honest person, you say, you wouldn’t send them a virus or worse, would you? No! But have you ever gotten an email from a friend that didn’t look right so you sent them an email or called them to ask if they sent this email? They answered no, not me! So you deleted it (without opening it, right?).
How do you get your message out to your customers and prospects so that they will see it and not worry about all these and other Internet-based problems?
Post cards! 
As far as I know, no computer ever got Malware, Ransomware or a virus from a post card. You don’t have to be afraid to open it (most post cards don’t need to be opened). And the great thing is most people’s mailboxes are not jammed full of spam trying to get their attention unlike social media or their inboxes which got around 99 consumer emails each day last year.
Also, the chances of your competitors using post cards as an advertising/marketing tool are pretty slim. Which means that your post cards will be looked at – something that can’t be said for any other marketing channel.
Think about it, and contact me if you want to find out how to use post cards in your business.
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