July 17, 2024

What are you going to do when business slows?

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 What are you going to do when business slows during the summer, which starts next week?

Most business owners just wring their hands and hope business will improve.

Successful business owners have already planned out a course of action and are now putting it into operation.

So what about you? You still have time to put out multiple 3- sequence marketing pieces. One set goes to past customers (best way to get customers in the door quickly). One to current customers, and one set to prospects.

A sequence of at least 3 marketing pieces within a short period of time will get you a higher response rate than just sending out ONE marketing piece. 

When you develop your marketing pieces, make them interesting; approach it as if you’re having a conversation between yourself and an old friend. And remember that your friend is thinking What’s In It For Me.

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