July 19, 2018

Archives for September 2013

200 Under My Belt

Good Morning Contact First Name Four years ago today I sent out my first marketing tip, September 26, 2009. I have written over 200 tips in that time and would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read them. It has been my hope that you find them informative and helpful in … [Read more...]

Let Me Share What I Learned!

I just came back from my 2-day Mastermind meeting, and one thing most of these million dollar producing business coaches and owners do is mail out a monthly newsletter. In fact I am helping nationally known speaker and author Jase Sounder (www.JaseSounder.com) design and produce his own monthly … [Read more...]

You’re Unique

Congratulations  you are one of the 13 to 15% that open this email each week and read it. That not only makes you unique but also successful. How so you might wonder?  Well you are part of the 13 to 15%  of the people I send this weekly email to that takes the 3 to 5 minutes  to open it and read … [Read more...]

Here is your chance, Take It!

Labor Day is over, school is back session, and the outside tempature dropped to around 99 here in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Yes, summer is over; there are no more vacations, and people are back at work. You have about two and half months before the holiday season begins, when most people put a … [Read more...]

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