July 19, 2018

Archives for December 2015

Get Help This Time

Good Morning It's almost that time of year again! The time of year we make resolutions or promises. You know, I'm going to exercise every day and lose 10 pounds, I'm going to eat healthy. I'm going to write thank-you notes every day, make calls and be more proactive about getting the word out … [Read more...]

Donald Trump And Your Business

Good Morning Donald Trump has been in the news. In fact he has been the news for a while now. Let's look at what he's been doing and see how you can use what he is doing to help your business. Whatever you may think of his politics, Trump has defined his target very well. He knows exactly who … [Read more...]

Customer Life Time Value

Good Morning The holiday season has started. If you're in retail, that means this is the time you get no time off and you're as busy as can be, which is good. You can use the following information after the holidays when you have some spare time. This is the time of year that many businesses … [Read more...]

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