July 22, 2024

Learning About Your Customers

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Welcome to 2020! I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and, if you took time off, were able to relax and enjoy it. If you had to work, I hope it was profitable. 
I read a lot of marketing materials from many sources, so I thought I would pass on some of it to you that I found interesting. Some have links for further reading. 
Including More Than 2 Typefaces Throughout Your Email Can Decrease Click-Through Rates By Over 10% 
The Worldata Research team has found that including more than 2 typefaces throughout your email can decrease click-through rates by over 10%. Prospects are not literally reviewing your email and checking the number of typefaces; this is something they are noticing subconsciously. As the number of typefaces used in the email increases, so does the prospect’s perception that the email is hard to read. Try sticking to one typeface. This will make the information easier for the reader to digest.
Are You Prepared To Engage Voters In 2020?

Campaigning for 2020 elections is underway. Whether you want to understand who’s voting or how to engage them in a campaign, you’ll want to check out the latest resources of the Claritas Voter Series. Download Claritas™ infographic to view key voters through lenses such as age, income, culture, education & voting patterns..

How-tos for Generational Marketing to Millennials vs. Gen Zby Hanna AndersonMillennials and Generation Zers have both broken out of a shell that generations prior were determined to mold themselves to. This fact, along with their closeness in age, have led many to believe that they have a lot of commonalities that can accommodate similar generational marketing strategies. Read more..
Inconsistent Offer Naming Leads to a 9% Lower Overall Conversion Rate
The Worldata Research team recently gathered information centered around marketers naming their offers differently. Results showed that inconsistent offer naming leads to a 9% lower overall conversion rate. When creating your offers, always remember that consistency is key! If you are promoting a white paper, keep it consistent and refer to it as a white paper the whole way through. Do not use multiple labels to describe your offer. Keeping the same name constant throughout will result in a better overall outcome.
How to Accurately Track Your Social Media Buzz
Ten years ago, marketers had to rely primarily on customer surveys and mainstream media coverage to track the buzz created by a new product launch or campaign. Social media has turned the world into a focus group, and today social media monitoring and research tools give marketers the lens to see exactly what people are saying about companies and brands. How do you measure success if you can’t accurately track the social media buzz you and your business have created with so much effort? You need actionable data, and that means accurate data that will give you insight into what works and what doesn’t for your industry and business model. Download Tip Sheet 

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