September 25, 2018

Archives for December 2012

A Very Special Message!

Here is a Very Important Message; I hope That you got a lot out of it and it was very helpful to you. Phil Freedman   … [Read more...]

Make Business Slowdowns A Thing Of The Past!

Good Day   I am surprised that none of the businesses I frequent has asked me if I would like to be on their preferred customer list or any other type of list. They are missing out on keeping me as a customer. I could switch to one of their competitors, and they would never notice.  Are you … [Read more...]

What Did Sheldon Dennis of Fish Window Cleaning Learn And How Will Make Me Money?

My friend Sheldon Dennis of Fish Window Cleaning was the spotlight speaker at the H.E.B. Chamber leads group. He talked about just coming back from Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle 2-Day Dallas Bootcamp and what he learned. He learned that he knew what to do with leads, but he was shown what "The … [Read more...]

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