September 25, 2018

Archives for February 2017

You Better Know This or Else!

Good Day Over the years I have talked to a lot of business people. Here are the main questions I ask: Who's you best customer? How would you identify them? What would indicate that they would be a prospect for you? Here's a sample of answers I've gotten: Any business owner could use my … [Read more...]

Business Strategy

Good Day I'm putting together a marketing first-aid kit for small businesses to use when they need to bring in sales from their past and current customers. While gathering the many items and media for the first-aid kit, I remembered a principle I learned: A business should not be dependent on … [Read more...]

You’re Gross and It’s Costing You

Good Day Are you losing business when you open your mouth? When you walk into a room? When you're at a networking event or other event? At lunch the other day I spotted a gentleman shoveling in his food. That reminded me of a business owner friend who told me that during the hiring process she … [Read more...]

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