February 7, 2023

Blogs can get you customers

Yes, you can get customers using blogs if you give people good usefully information that they can use. This will keep people coming back. Remeber to keep it simple and do not speak above them. Talk with them instead. No techo speak. What way's do you usew to talk to your customers? … [Read more...]

Day 2 at Social Media Money Magnet

[wpvideo 1z3KJXQf]Just finished day 2 . I have a evening session, but I wanted to give you the rules for marketing on social media. By the way this is good to use with all media and in all your marketing efforts. … [Read more...]

2 tips on marketing your business using social media

[wpvideo slzOAl0E]Day one of Social Media Money Magnet has come to and end. The video is now my 2nd and a little better than the 1st. This viedo has 2 tips marketing tips when using social media to grow your business. Yes you can grow your business using social media and in a direct way. I hope you … [Read more...]

Morning session Social media Money Magnet Seminar

Just heard from Jason Van Orden from Internet Business Mastery. He gave an over view of how to use social media . He include The Money Map, Listing Building 2.0, the Mini-Oprah Effect and the Laws of Magnetism. Can't wait to hear what Deb Micek has to say this afternoon. … [Read more...]

Learning how to make money for my business and your business using soical media

[wpvideo Anx25FzS]I'm at the Glazer-Kennedy insider's Circle Social Media Money magnet Seminar which runs from Monday Aug 9th till 5 pm Wed, Aug 11th . During the next 3 days I will be learning from 7 of the top social media super stars who actually make money with social media in their business. … [Read more...]