April 22, 2024

Getting Your Emails Opened

Good Morning If you're like me, you get a lot of emails every day. If the subject line and maybe the first few lines of the email (in preview mode) do not catch our attention, it is deleted. If you are real good, you will highlight one and then scroll down a bit highlighting emails as you go and … [Read more...]

You that you have at least one.

Good Day   Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! Most people plan out their New Year's resolutions the day before or on New Year's Day, just like they plan out what what they want to do with their business.  Maybe that's why I see ads for weight loss, exercise equipment and January sales! I also … [Read more...]

Increase Email Open Rates with These Subject Lines

Good Morning Would you like to get better results in your email marketing? Try some of these best practices subject lines. Dates in the subject line: Business emails that have some form of a date in the subject line will generate a 38% higher 'open rate.' Top performing subject line … [Read more...]

Need More Customers? Then Go Back, Go Back!

We are now in the last month of the year. If you are a retailer, I hope you had a great Black Friday and sales are staying strong. For everyone else, I hope people are still needing you and all your business has not stopped for the next month because "it's the holidays" and all you hear is "we'll … [Read more...]

Is It Really a Great Deal

I'm back from the GKIC Information Marketing Summit in Atlanta. I learned the latest in marketing information-based products and services. I filled up over 17 pages with notes, plus a notebook full of information from a 5-hour special seminar on game changers presented by Dan Kennedy. You might … [Read more...]

Multi Tasking Media Why You Should Do it

I will be in Chicago April 27 - May 2 for Dan Kennedy's Super Conference, learning new, effective ways to market your business so that you will get a great ROI! A lot of small businesses use one, maybe two, mediums to market their products and/or services. This could be very dangerous for them. … [Read more...]