November 28, 2023

4th Quarter Action

Good Morning In a little over two weeks we will be in October and the start of the end of the year. The fourth quarter of the year. This is the time a lot of retailers go from red to black and other businesses start to slow down for the year. A common refrain that you hear in the coming weeks is, … [Read more...]

Selling One to Many

Good Morning Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. As a member of a networking/leads groups you get to do a 15-minute presentation in front of the group. Last Tuesday was my opportunity to talk. We had about 35-40 people which was pretty good for the day after Labor Day. The week before we … [Read more...]

Labor Day and Less Labor

Good Morning This weekend is Labor Day weekend. For a lot of people it is a three day weekend. "Labor Day is a federal holiday in the U.S. that recognizes and celebrates the achievements of American workers. It is observed on the first Monday in September. The roots of Labor Day date back to the … [Read more...]

Your Marketing Success

Good Morning Last week I was talking to a consulting client about sending out emails on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) and that their 1st few emails might not look very polished. Will Rogers is often credited with saying "Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly." Anyway, as an … [Read more...]

Social Media Profiles

Good Morning Welcome to the dog days of summer. And at least here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it's also the first days of school. For the past two days we had a cold wave here. The temperature dropped to a high of only 96 yesterday. Today we will go back to a high of around 106. The rest of … [Read more...]

Why They Buy From You

Good Morning PIZZA! I grew up in Buffalo, New York, in an Italian/Jewish neighborhood. We had a few pizzerias around, and every Friday night my friend and I would go down to one of the pizzerias and split a pepperoni pie. So I can say I grew up on great (New York style) pizza and know good … [Read more...]