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When Do You Work On Your Business?

Almost every day I tell myself that I'll work on growing my business tonight when I get home or I'll do it "this weekend" after working around the house all day. Well, you know what happens as well as I do, but I will say it anyway: I don't get it done; either something comes up or I'm too … [Read more...]

Why Are You Here? It’s Not To Get Business Obviously.

Good Morning One of the leads group that I go to does a networking tip of the week. This week, I gave the tip and would like to tell it to you here.  Have you ever gone to a networking event where you had to RSVP, maybe had to get a ticket, and pay a fee? Now you're talking to someone and are … [Read more...]

Element You Need in Your Offer

Good Morning   A few weeks ago I wrote about some elements that you need in your offer to get more customers for your business. This week I am going to mention a couple more.  Free gift/premium or bonus. These can add perceived value to your offer. In fact I know people who will purchase the offer … [Read more...]

Another Voice about Direct Mail Myths

Here are a few Direct Mail Myth I hear all the time and Why they are just wrong, Check it out at this link. It's from a good friend of mine. http://innovativeconceptsblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/going-postal-direct-mail-myth-buster/ … [Read more...]

Great Way to Piss off People and Here is a Freebe

Good Morning  Today in my mail I got 3 full-color catalogs from Lands' End. One was addressed to me, and the two others were addressed to people I do not know. I understand some companies send their stuff to everyone in a company, hoping they would hit the right people. This is the bomb them … [Read more...]

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