September 25, 2018

Archives for July 2013

My Garden and Tess

I have a small garden. I'm growing tomatoes, red and purple bell peppers, cantaloupe and herbs. The season for tomatoes is almost at an end, and the peppers are coming along. ¬†We have a dog named Tess. She's a small Newfoundland, she can rest her head on the kitchen table while standing on the … [Read more...]

Here’s A Quickie You Need To Do

I saw a presentation yesterday that reminded me of a key marketing point that too many people forget about. The presentation was very good, but the handouts used what I call "industry speak" or tech speak. You have it when you have to ask what a term means. If the person is nice, he or she will … [Read more...]

Guess what?

When you communicate with your customers, don't think about your needs. They don't care about you. With that said, when you communicate with them (it should be at least once a month), you need to enter the conversation that is going on in their minds at the time. If you don't, your messages will … [Read more...]

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