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Bright Business Owners Go After More Than The Low Hanging Fruit, Do You?

Good Morning Yesterday I sat down and talked to someone I hope will be a new client. He has a new business that is a service business. His customers are mostly businesses. He came to me to do a mailing. We talked, and I explained that we should narrow down his list to maybe 100 top businesses … [Read more...]

Are you forced to send out crap?

Good Morning I look at the ads I get, and I've seen some crap in the last few weeks. Most of the ads have been developed by the home/corporate office or their ad agency and given to the local branch or franchisee to run with only minor changes. Here are some of the things they do: 1. They … [Read more...]

free report

Good Morning There are only three ways to grow any business: 1) Increase the number of people who buy from you. 2) Increase the number of items or the amount they buy from you every time they buy. 3) Increase the number of times they buy from you.   In the 20 years that I have … [Read more...]

What I learned from fishing

Good Morning When I was a child, my father and his friend used to take me along (very early in the morning) when they went fishing. They fished mainly on the Niagara River and sometimes on Lake Erie. The bait we used was worms and minnows. My father had some spinners and other "cool" fishing … [Read more...]

A Mommieism that’s true

  Good Morning Remember when your mother said, "If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you go along with them?" Usually it was something you wanted to do, and yes, all your friends were doing it and you wanted to fit in. Right? Nowadays, we do the same thing. We see our competition … [Read more...]

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