July 19, 2018

Archives for May 2015

Make money while on vacation (Not MLM)

Good Morning The weeks of Memorial Day and 4th of July are some of the biggest vacation weeks of the year. So what does that have to do with marketing one's business? This is the time of year some businesses slow down, because key decision makers are on vacation.You know how it is; the week … [Read more...]

Better Mouse Trap and Tell The World

Good Morning Last week I wrote about opportunities to gain and had a quiz about how many there were. Chuck Lanham Sr. was the winner of a Starbucks or Subway gift card. Chuck, please let me know which one you want. His answer was 50. The electrician has 50 homes to sell to. The correct answer … [Read more...]

Always Be Looking For Business Opportunities

Good Morning Half the lights in my house have been going on and off. We called the electric company to check the lines and meters. They found nothing wrong, but they narrowed the problem to either the meter box or the breaker box (so, my problem). I called out an electrician that I got through … [Read more...]

Last Thing You Need To Do Is Market/Advertise Your Business.

Good Morning Lots of people want to go into business for themselves. They either use their life savings or they get a loan to get the business going. They spend all their money on lease holdings, equipment, stock, personnel and other things. When I talk to them it is usually after they open. I … [Read more...]

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