July 15, 2024

Business slow 3 tips to boost sales

Good Day
Business is slow, it’s the middle of summer and the year is half over. Let me tell you something you don’t know!
Today I got a letter from TXU Energy!  These letters come about once a month. (Good for them for reaching out more than once. 44% of sales departments and businesses give up after one contact and about another 44% will give up after 2 contacts regardless of speaking with the prospect or not. We know it takes at least 4 -7 contacts before they respond.)  The bad news is that they are addressed to my father who passed away just over 10 years ago this month. He was never listed as the owner or part of the household. When he and my mother moved to Texas over 12 years ago, they did use our address to forward some mail, but they quickly got their own house and did a change of address notice to their new home.
Tip #1 to increase business – Make sure your list (mail/email) is current and up-to-date. How much money is TXU wasting (maybe enough to pay my bills for a number of months) sending my father and others letters to come back to TXU!
I read an interesting statistic from my friend Ryan Deiss at Digital Marketer. He did the research and found that the average adult gets 147 emails per day! Wow, just imagine if your regular U.S. postal mailbox was stuffed with 147 pieces of mail per day. You would be having a fit and complaining to whomever you could. So if you’re one of the 147, how do you break through the pack?
Tip #2-A) Try some other way to reach your customer/prospect that is less used (mail).
Tip 2-B) If you have to use email, try an interesting subject line, ask a question, put their name in the subject line. Also make sure they can see your name and/or company name in the return address field. You can also reference something that they are familiar with such as when you last talked with each other.
At this time in the summer a lot of people are off on vacation or taking off early, and the phones slow down or stop. Orders and sales slow, unless you’re in one of the businesses in which summer is your busiest time of the year.  This tip can be applied to your slow time just as well. Your creditors still want to get paid!
Tip #3 Now’s the time to send out promotional material. Lots of businesses are having Christmas or Black Friday in July Sales. Have some event to get people talking about your business and make some IRRESISTIBLE OFFER to get them to take action — 10 -20% off will not do. But maybe 50-75% off on something (a loss leader). If you’re in a business that is regulated or discounting of services and products is not possible, then maybe offer an added FREE bonus!
You, my friend, get the announcement before I make this public:
I will be accepting a very limited number of private clients. These clients will have almost unlimited access to myself, my knowledge base and my resources. If you want to have your very own Marketing/Promotion person with over 30 years of experience, Now’s the time to act.Email me so we plan a time when we can get together.
Until next week,
Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action, NOW!
P.S. Do you know anyone who needs to promote their business by way of email, social media, printing, direct mail or would like to improve their cash flow? If so, contact me.
Philip Freedman
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