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Having A better Mouse Trap Alone Will Not Get You Sales

¬†Good Morning I talk to a lot of people about the development of the message that they are going to send out to their targeted market. Most of the time, their message is: Here I am. This is what we do; so you should buy from me. ¬†With people being bombarded with thousands of messages … [Read more...]

Do It Again And Again And Again…..

Good Morning When planning what kind of advertising you will be doing, don't plan on doing it just once! You must do it multiple times. When you use direct mail, don't send out post cards, flyer or sales letter just once. Send another mailing to the same group 3-4 weeks later and then a 3rd 3-4 … [Read more...]

Why Cross

Good Morning Over 25 years ago, I read a book by Jeff Slutsky called "Streetfighting: Low-cost advertising/promotion strategies for your small business." This book not only helped me get a job, it also taught me a lot about retail marketing as I started working in retail. When I became a store … [Read more...]

Not The Right Way

Good Morning It seems that every fall, my business picks up. People come back from vacations and realize that they need to get the word out about their business and they need to do it quickly. "How soon can you get my post card out?" is the call I get a lot. So I rearrange my schedule to fit … [Read more...]

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