July 19, 2018

Archives for May 2013

Here’s The Secret To Getting More Business!

Good Morning   Business owners want to know the "Number 1 Secret" that will get them more business through the door. With this one strategy they will jump ahead of their competition and put money in the bank. It's the key to unlocking everything.  Well the secret is that there is no one secret. … [Read more...]

Major Direct Mail Rule and Need Help

 Good Morning Today I would like to go over one of the three most fundamental rules of direct mail - getting your mail piece opened. If you send out just postcards you can skip to the end. If you don't use direct mail, then you need to start. Remember: Google uses direct … [Read more...]

Marketing & Advertising Doesn’t Work Without Following These

Good Morning Today I would like to share one of the many things I learned at the GKIC SuperConference I recently attended. These are rules you need to follow when crafting your marketing message. This applies to all types of media. Dan Kennedy Top 10 Money Making Rules.  #1 There will always … [Read more...]

Are You So Cheap, It Hurting Your Business?

Good Morning I came back Monday from the GKIC Super Conference in Orlando at which I learned a lot. It was money well spent. Where I tried to save some money was with my flight. I got a the plane trip for a low price. Of course the flight to Orlando had a quick change of planes in Charlotte (US … [Read more...]

One Big Mastermind Meeting

Good Morning  Let me first off apologize for any misspelling or grammar mistakes. I am at the GKIC Super Conference in Orlando and Belia is not with me to correct all my mistakes.  As I said I'm at the GKIC Super Conference which is about new marketing and money making ideas. This is the place to … [Read more...]

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