September 25, 2018

Archives for August 2014

How to make your football program ads get you customers

Good Morning Yes, it's back to school time! This is the time of year that as business owners we get all those phone call and letters asking us to purchase "ads" in all kinds of school publications, like the football program. You have two choices when you purchase "ad space." You can … [Read more...]

Are Business Cards Still Relevant

I was at a chamber after-hours mixer when a friend who reads these great weekly marketing tips asked me a question: "Are business cards still relevant?" I thought about it, and my answer is yes. For networking or doing business with other business people, the business card is still … [Read more...]

Why You Should Love Your Business

Good Morning Do know the saying "do what you love and the money will follow"? Have you ever really thought about it? Do you really like what you do? If you don't like or have enthusiasm for what you do, it is reflected in your business. It seeps out of you to affect your employees, your … [Read more...]

Your Crisis Is Not Mine!

Good Morning Contact First Name    The other day a client forwarded me an email from their printer explaining that they had some problems and that they would be delayed in getting the materials for my client's mailing to me on time.  This was a first! My client (who's a great client) also did … [Read more...]

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