July 19, 2018

Archives for September 2014

One Way to Stop Lost Sales

Have any of your customers or prospects ever said to you, "I didn't know you did that?" This is usually said after you have found out that they used someone else for a service you do. Don't you just love it? I guess you never want to turn to them and say very loudly, "Of course I can do that, what … [Read more...]

Why I Do It – Masterminds and Conferences

Good Morning I just got back from a three-day Mastermind meeting. This coaching program meets three time a year and we have a conference call each month. I also go to at least three marketing conferences a year and am a member of another Mastermind group that meets for an afternoon once a … [Read more...]

What I learned on NPR about Adam Tanner

Good Morning The other day when I was driving from the post office after listening to the traffic and after I had heard the same news story for the third time, I switched the radio from the news station to the local NPR station. I was half listening when I heard the magic words "Life Time … [Read more...]

Lost Leader or Just Lost Money

Good Morning Are you selling products or sevices that don't make you any money and take up all your time? Some 20 years ago when I was first starting out, I did business cards for customers; I designed and printed them. I made about $15-$20 for 1,000 cards. I put in 2-3 hours of work for … [Read more...]

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