July 19, 2018

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Save Money!

Good Day A lot a businesses do it and waste their money. It's one thing for big corporations to do it; they can afford it. But when it's small businesses, they can go out of business. What am I talking about? It is called awareness or brand advertising. That's where you run an ad that doesn't … [Read more...]

Running A Real Business?

I do networking events, which means lots of people give me their business cards. It took a few years, but I've gotten over the fact that small businesses and especially home-based ones do not put a mailing address on their cards anymore. I'm told that no one mails anything anymore (except maybe … [Read more...]

Likes, Clicks and Eyeballs

Good Day I want to thank everyone who sent me the number of contacts they have in their database. I hope you all got the email marketing calendar I sent to you (by email). If you did not get it, please let me know. One page has the best days and dates to send out B2B emails, and the other page … [Read more...]

Get More Customers

I have a client who goes after people who want to buy now. He doesn't want to go after anyone who's not ready yet. To be fair, his pool of customers is very large and he only needs a few new customers per month. He can be picky. Not everyone is so lucky. The late Chet Holmes, the national … [Read more...]

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