July 19, 2018

Archives for April 2016

Referral Systems

Good Day Last week I wrote about mavens!  This week: How do you keep your mavens and everyone else referring customers to you? You will need to set up two systems or programs, one for your mavens and another for those customers who refer one or two customers to you. As you think about … [Read more...]


Good Day Mavens! You want lots of mavens! Mavens is the term I and others use to describe the people who refer customers to you. These are not people who would refer one or maybe two customers to you. Mavens are people who will refer lots of people to you all the time. One or two or more a … [Read more...]

Benefit From My Experience

Good Day While many of you know me as a direct mail guy, lately I've been realizing that what I really enjoy doing is sitting down with business owners, finding out what their problems are and then coming up with and helping them implement a workable solution. For years I have been doing this, … [Read more...]

Getting To Know More About Your Customers

Good Morning You are able to view past pages of my new book under the tab "My BS" at: www.TheFreedmanCompany.com This week - How to find out more about your customer and why they buy from you. The first thing you must do is build a database of your customers. Include not only name and … [Read more...]

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