July 19, 2018

Archives for May 2016

Need To Do It More Than Once!

Good Day Along with a friend, I am developing an email campaign to introduce a service/product to cold prospects (people who have not been contacted before). The other people that we are working with are using a simpler model (basically a one email campaign directing people to an appointment … [Read more...]

Why Your Sales Are Down!

Good Day I have been rereading Chet Holmes' "The Ultimate Sales Machine." I got to the point in the book where he writes about there being three types of executives and I thought I would share them with you and let you see which one you are. The first type is the "tactical executive," a … [Read more...]

Great Way To Waste Money!

Good Day I'm at that age where I'm getting invited to dinners from retirement planners. Good dinners, too, at places like Texas Land & Cattle, Pappadeaux's, Jr's Steak & Grill and more.  Wow FREE meals for me and my wife. In fact last week I got 2 invitations on the same day; one was … [Read more...]

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