September 25, 2018

Archives for January 2014

Media Mistake in Marketing Your Business

Good Morning For the past two weeks I've written about developing a profile of your best customers, finding more of them and sending your personalized message to them. Now, let's cover the last big mistake - media. You have to match the media to your audience. Let me say that again: Match … [Read more...]

Developing a better sales message

Good Morning Last week I wrote that you need to develop a profile or avatar of your best customer and multiply them. This week: your advertising message to these customers. When most businesses buy ads, they will let the person who's selling the ad and their graphics staff put together the ad. … [Read more...]

People waste a lot of money on advertising

Good Morning I was going through some of my advertising/marketing reference materials to develop a couple of new products and got thinking about why most advertising does not work. Here are the mistakes most businesses make and the correct method. Who are you selling to?  Unless you're selling … [Read more...]

Time To Get Back To Work

Good Morning I hope that everyone had great and restful holidays and you're all ready to get back to work. I've talked to a number of business owners who came back and then realized that they had very little business and plenty of bills due. So with that in mind, … [Read more...]

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