September 25, 2018

Archives for February 2014

Integration of your media and make money

Good Morning My wife just completed the last of a series of on-line courses she needed in order to get her regular teaching certification. The course was Web2.0. For this course she had to create a blog, use Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and a host of other web apps and connect them to her … [Read more...]

Save money and get customers

Good Morning Want to save some money? Do you send out newsletters, sales letters, flyers or maybe post cards to your customers and prospects? If you're not, why not? Do you send out 200 or more of them? If you do, then you can cut your postage in half. By sending your mail as Automation … [Read more...]

Stop Send Out Junk Mail

Good Morning The other day a letter came to my business. It had my company's name on it, but it was addressed to someone else. The name on it was someone I don't know. As if that were not bad enough, the sales letter assumed that the person it was addressed to was interested and wanted their … [Read more...]

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