September 25, 2018

Archives for October 2014

The True Marketing Secret To Getting More Business

Good Morning I get a lot of people asking me how to get more customers at the lowest possible cost. Well, after years of research and learning from other great thought leaders, I can pass on the Number 1 secret to getting more customers. You need to set aside at least 2 hours per week for … [Read more...]

Your Web Site Is Probably Not Doing It’s Job

Good Morning Most websites do a lousy job of collecting information on people visiting the web site. Somewhere they will have a "Contact Us" button or tab. You go there and fill out a form or click a button to send an email. Not a lot of my website visitors do that. Would you like to capture … [Read more...]

3,650 view to get your message across, how much would you pay?

Good Morning Contact First Name Last month we got our yearly Jewish calendar for the year 5775. This calendar runs from September through September. This calendar goes up in our kitchen and we can see the same ads month in and month out. Last week I got another calendar from the national … [Read more...]

Virginia Tech Study Study Shows Digital Only Marketing/Advertising Is A Dangerous Temptation

Good Morning A lot of companies and organizations have switched from printed materials to going all digital. The ones I've talked to say it's to cut costs. I had a feeling that when they went digital, they lost readership and response. The Internet marketing experts tell us that … [Read more...]

Hey, Get Your Behind in Gear

Do you know what October 1st was besides my wedding anniversary (31 years in case your interested)? It's the start of the the 4th quarter, the start of fall and almost the start of the holiday season. This is also the time you should be planning how you're going to end this year and start the … [Read more...]

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