July 19, 2018

Archives for June 2015

Customer goodwill and list cleaning

Good Morning Have you ever wondered if you're wasting money with a customer list that is not up to date with people's correct address? Here is an easy way to make sure you have their correct address and as an added benefit create goodwill. Send out thank-you notes or letters to your list … [Read more...]

Keep Marketing Or Else!

Good Morning I just took over the marketing of the first location of Noble Roman's pizza in Texas. The location has been open for a number of months. What I found out was that the previous owner had handed out some flyers the first few days the shop was open and then stopped. I was told that the … [Read more...]

Best Use Of Your Marketing Dollars

With all the methods of communicating with your customers and prospects out there today, let me remind you why mail (snail mail) is your best choice and worth the expense. There is less competition in your mailbox for your attention. People and most businesses are using Facebook, Linked-In, … [Read more...]

Only Speak English !

Good Morning Has this ever happened to you? You're dealing with a business and they are using terms and phrases that you don't understand. What do you do? Ask them to please explain what they just said, or just nod your head in agreement and hope you didn't make the mistake of a lifetime or make a … [Read more...]

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