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Archives for November 2012

30 Seconds, That’s All you Got!

 Good Day  The other day, my chamber leads group did critiques of members' (those who wanted to) 30-second commercial presentations, also known as your elevator speech.  While I was at Dan Kennedy's InfoSummit, I heard John Carlton explain how to develop an effective elevator speech to … [Read more...]

Small Business Special! Thanksgiving Weekend Offer

Here are Three Thanksgiving Weekend offers to help you get more customers to your business this holiday season. #1 - Full Color Flyer 8 1/2 x 11 - $.17 per side, no mininum. #2 - 2-Sided Full Color Self Mailer; printed, folded, tabbed, addressed and use of our bulk mail permit - $.41 per mailer, … [Read more...]

Grow You Business With No Email List

I was listening to Alex Mandossian talk about "How to Accelerate Your Online Cash Flow WITHOUT an Email List." He told us, first create an irresistible offer on your blog or website, then write and publish a 300-to 500-word blog post with 5 tips targeting your market-niche. From your blog post, … [Read more...]

Easy way to grow your business

Here is an interesting fact about sales and contacts: 85% of sales happen after the 5th contact, yet 85% of people stop after the 1st contact. What happen's to most of those contacts after the 1st contact. Do they go into a file, box desk drawer, or what. Do you ever get around to contacting … [Read more...]

Leaning A Lot About Marketing For You?

Today I'm writing to you from Nashville. I'm at Dan Kennedy's GKIC Info-Summit through this coming Sunday. I hear some of the top people in information marketing. Some of the sessions I will be going to include "Create A Complete Monster Converting Sales Funnel in Just 2 Days" and Copywriting -"The … [Read more...]

Be the pre-eminent choice in the mind of your customers.

Good Morning I'm working on a special presentation about the seven mistakes that small businesses make that prevent them from standing out from their crowded market and eliminating their competition to become the ONLY, pre-eminent choice in the mind of their customers.  I came across a lot of … [Read more...]

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