July 19, 2018

Archives for May 2012

It’s Almost Half Time, How’s It Going?

 I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and that you took time out to remember what the day was all about. My friend Tyler Brown, owner of Fusion Under Glass Catering, really understood the meaning. Ask him how he got the blister and it wasn't by cooking food, maybe he was … [Read more...]

How Dare They Do That, That’s Outrageous!

Good Morning It's been on the TV news, on the radio and it should be in the papers in the next few days. What is it that made the news? Free Pizza! Yes, Free Pizza! On June 5th from 5pm to 8pm, you can get a free large pepperoni pizza from Pizza Patron if you walk in and order it in Spanish … [Read more...]

Tell Your Competition All About What Your Doing

How would you like for your competition to know almost everything you're doing? Would you like them to know what sales you're having, new products or services you're offering, at the same time you're telling your customers and prospects? Every time you make a change to your web site, add a comment … [Read more...]

Customers that you have lost and how to get them back

Most businesses are always trying to get new customers through their doors, spending great amounts of money and time on getting the word out, whether it's Valpack, Ad pages, Web sites, Facebook, Groupon or any other marketing method. Most businesses overlook the second-best customer there is! Their … [Read more...]

Special Offer and Mark Your Calendars

Ready to have the business you always dreamed of? Need help getting started or not sure where or how to start? I'll sit down with you for 2 one-hour face-to-face sessions in which we put together your marketing plan for only $197.00. That's a savings of 33%. I only have time for a few businesses … [Read more...]

Do You Need One?

A marketing funnel. You need a marketing funnel to get you more customers and sales. Right now most of you maybe run an ad in some publication or maybe ValPack, or the Ad Pages. Yes, you have a web page that is little more than a brochure for your business. The most you are doing is adding … [Read more...]

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