September 25, 2018

Archives for April 2017

Losing Prospects!

Good Day¬†Contact First Name I have nothing against looking for a good deal or even price shopping; hey, I even clip coupons for my weekly grocery shopping! But one of the things I have learned over the years, and usually the hard way, is not to go cheap! You end up paying for it over and over … [Read more...]

Sales Funnels

Good Day We all have marketing/sales funnels. For some it might be Facebook posts informing readers about their products or services (think restaurants posting the day's specials), cold calls with a simple sale flyer or leave behind, maybe with a call to action but in most cases no call to … [Read more...]

Your Email Could Win $50

Good Day I'm giving away a $50 gift card, details are below, but first this.... I get calls from people who need a list because they want to conduct email campaigns to businesses or individuals.¬† Here is what I tell them and anyone thinking of emailing people cold. Before I tell you, let me … [Read more...]

‘Avoid An Audit’ Will Make You Money

Good Day It's almost tax day. This year the day is April 18, the day we all dread. And you know what happens if you don't file: you have to deal with the IRS and maybe risk an audit. Why am I bringing all this up? Other than to remind you of your legal obligation, I bring this up because it's … [Read more...]

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