July 19, 2018

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How to Get Leads & Referrals

Good Day A lot of us go to leads, networking, meetup, BNI, chamber or other groups that business people gather at to get to know one another and maybe get business from. We all hope for some good leads and maybe a great referral, but we don't know how to ask for them. When you attend, have a … [Read more...]

Internet Only Good for Searchers

Good Day I meet a lot of people who are marketing their businesses on the Internet. Good for them. For many, though, that is their main method of marketing their business. They will use SEO (search engine optimization) for their website, Google Maps, emailing, Facebook, and maybe YouTube and … [Read more...]

Color helps sales

Good Day  Happy St. Patrick's Day  Market Researchers have found that color affects shopping habits: Impulse shoppers respond best to red-orange, black and royal blue. Traditional shoppers respond best to pastels, pink, rose and sky blue. Budget shoppers respond best to pink, teal, … [Read more...]

Know, Like & Trust

Good Day Have you ever gotten multiple emails or phone calls from a business and they hound you to do business with them. They might tell you they have the lowest prices, the best customer service. If they sent me information I might keep it, but I might not. Now the business person I meet … [Read more...]

No Money For Android

Good Day Come by the HEB Chamber Expo this Friday from 10-3 at the Hurst Conference Center, say hello, have some chocolate, enter my drawing and learn how to receive the Amazing Email Marketing Calendar that shows you the best days of the month and times to send out your emails. ***** I saw a … [Read more...]

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