July 19, 2018

Archives for April 2015

Swipe Files, Why You Should Have One or More

Good Morning When talking with new clients about what they want as far as advertising/marketing their business, I ask if they have examples of what they like. In most cases I get a no or a hmm, or what are you talking about? I tell them that they should have a swipe file of things they like … [Read more...]

Cold Calling, Why You Do It.

Good Morning No one really likes doing cold calling, whether in person (door knocking) or on the phone (dialing for dollars). OK, I have met a few people over the past 20 years who like it, but I'll write about them at a later date. So, why do most business people and their sales staff do … [Read more...]

Waste your money doing it once!

Good Morning Years ago when I was working for a radio station selling commercial time, I and everyone else sold our clients a schedule of commercials. Only on very rare occasions did you sell just one 30-second commercial. While watching television I see the same commercial over and over. … [Read more...]

Forget The Texting or Emails This Is Better

Good Morning A handwritten note to customers, prospects or anyone you meet is a great way to contact and stay in contact with them. It's better than an email or text. A handwritten note is personal and shows that you took the time to do it. You care. People notice things like that and it helps … [Read more...]

Business Cards – Carry Them

Good Morning During the past month--including last night--I have attended a number of networking events. These events are advertised as networking events, places to exchange business cards, generate leads and maybe get some business. But guess what happens? People show up without business … [Read more...]

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