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#1 Best Way To Get Customers

Good Morning Would you like a great way to build your business? ¬†Of course you do! As my business coach always tells me, "speaking in front of a group is the number one way to build your business." I know when I talk or give a presentation (Plug: if you're interested or need a speaker for your … [Read more...]

Touch Your Customers

Good Morning Every week you receive this really great marketing tip. This tip is one of the ways I stay in touch with you. I also send out a Monday Morning Motivator. Over the course of a year, you will get almost 100 emails. That's a lot! If I have your mailing address, you might also get … [Read more...]

Multiple Pillars of Advertising

Good Morning I was talking to someone the other day and was explaining about having more than one method of advertising their business. A lot of people will find one media that they either like or is the current hot one or maybe it really brings in paying customers. Then something happens, and it … [Read more...]

Keep Your Customer Yours!

Good Morning During introductions at one of the networking groups (HEB Power Networking, Wednesday 11:30 am ¬†Mexican Inn Cafe, Bedford, all are welcome to attend) I attend, one of the members said that some of his contacts at companies he does business with have left those companies. He went on … [Read more...]

Get Cheap Money

Good Morning I got a letter in the mail a few days ago asking me to come back. I was a customer of a service we used at home and discontinued a few years ago. They offered us a very low price for the first 12 months of service. They will also give us a $100 VISA gift card. Wow! Then I got a post … [Read more...]

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